Sunday, April 24, 2011

And People Wonder Why My Head Hurts.....

Friday was a day off for me. The local government that I work for, in honor of separation of church and state, was closed for Good Friday.

I had my day planned out. Cecilia had planned lunch with my daughter and some friends, and I was going to  run some errands and eat lunch. The morning was going well, I was just about to get dresses and leave and mother called.

The conversation starts out like this -
Mom:  What are you doing?
Me: Working on the computer.
Mom: Oh, are you working today?
Me: No, just working on the computer at home.
Mom: Has Joy decided where she wants to go eat tonight? (Sidenote: Joy is my sister-in-law. She lives with us because she has a mental disability.)
Me: Yes, we are going to the Olive Garden. I thought we could pick you up on the way.
Mom: That will be fine. We can come back to my house for cake. You know I bought Joy a cake for her birthday because she wanted one.
Me: Yeah, I know. That sounds fine, I'll ask Cecilia if that's ok with her.
Mom: Why wouldn't it be ok (sounding all defensive.)
Me: I just want to make sure she's ok with it, that's all.

Now this is the point where my day just goes to shit. Evidently I have this habit of going up in volume with my voice when I get frustrated. I also seem to have a deep, booming voice, so when the volume goes up I must sound like I'm yelling. Back to the conversation.

Mom: Lower your tone!
Me: Look, I'm sure that it will be fine with Cecilia if we come back to your house. I am not going to make a commitment on her behalf without asking her first.
Mom: Ok, well I'll let you go.

This is what Mom does when conversations go like this. When you don't agree with what she says, and you try to explain your point, she just decides she doesn't want to hear it anymore, so she wants to end the call. She has this strange idea that since I'm her child I should always agree with her and never talk back.

So the call ended and I was miserable for the rest of the day. Not a Good Friday.

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